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Feb 17, 2012
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Due to budget, a used DSLR is most likely. I have Nikon lenses so hope to stay with Nikon body. Will a 10.2 or 12.3 or higher take that much better a photo than a 6.1? would I be happy with a more affordable 6.1? For general photography, (grandchildren, scenery, etc, nothing "Pro") would I be happy with one of the "plainer" models? I've been a 35mm SLR user for over 40 years. I have used point and shoot digitals, but not really pleased with them. I have a "medium priced" digital, a GE X5 but after a week at WDW and seeing my daughter's Nikon D3000, I think was the model, I realized I was "sadly lacking" in the camera department. Open to suggestions. all help appreciated. Go Nikon!
6.1 vs 12 - dilemma :)
in print, if technique is correct (exposure, framing, etc) then you won't see the difference. I have a 2-16x20 prints of my kids on my wall: one after crops is about 10-10.5mp and the second one is 5.1 (shot it in portrait orientation and ended up cropping it to landscape for looks) - you won't see the difference in quality unless you're a foot away from the prints and even then it isn't very noticeable.

The only other (big) advantage of newer gear vs older is the higher iso capabilities: you get about 1-2 stops of light on the new gear vs older gear. However, if you have a flash on top of your camera, reality is you can get away with older model bodies (d50, d70, d200, etc) and for what you need, its more then enough.

Good Luck
You need to rephrase your question. There is no possible way for us to know what you will and will not be happy with. However if you were to ask if WE would be content with 6mp as opposed to 12mp you might get some answers.

MY answer would be a resounding no way in hell. It's not so much the resolution as it is the technology that has changed so much since 6mp was available.
Thanks for the replies. I keep checking and have noticed some 10.2's that sounds more like what I want. I don't feel I need a "pro" camera with "Everything" on it, all the bells and whistles. I've used 35mm SLR's for over 40 years and none of them have all the "stuff" that the digitals have now. Without electronics and microchips it wasn't possible. I hope to find a refurb, good-used "Buy It Now" on Ebay or buy direct from a "reputable" camera store. Bidding turns into to much of a dog fight and I think a lot of people end up overbidding and overpaying in the "heat of combat". One more question, Shutter Actuations? What is the "standard" and what would be too many to prevent buying? i have read a lot ov cameras are "good" for 100,00. does this sound correct? Thanks for any info.
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Most of the Nikons are good for 100,000. The higher end ones are good for 300,000 but will go farther. Dont get hung up on megapixels, I have printed 20x30 posters from a 10.2 D80 that were beautiful, and not much different from a 12 something megapixel D90. If you are going to limit yourself to 8x10 or even 11x14, AND know how to use your camera, you will probably be fine with something with 7 or 8mp.

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