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Mar 1, 2013
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Unfortunately I lost my cell phone before 2 days ago. :( Now wanna to buy new one but have no idea and confidence. Which model, brand will be best also with phone camera ??? :confused: Please anyone suggest me about greatest and beautiful model with low cost.

I apologizes if I am at wrong place and any kinda of suggestion will be appreciate and thanks in advance !!!
I have the iPhone 5 and it takes really good pictures for a cell phone. I am impressed by it. It's the best phone I've had yet and especially it's camera. Keep in mind I have no experience with any of the other top contenders though. Good look on your search. I am pretty sure you can't go wrong with any of the latest phones.
rokstomper thanks for your idea. How much price can be for iPhone ? May most expensive, is it ? I am confused what i will do. :confused:
If you want a good camera phone, check out the HTC one X. It has a really nice camera. But it and the iphone 5 and the samsung galaxy s4, are probably all going to be around the $700 cost, or $50-70 on a 24month plan.
Oops ! That's too much !!! :( OK then lets buy a cheaper one. Nothing else for do.
From a mp perspective, the Samsung Note sounds like the "best" camera, as it has 8mp... Not bad for a cell. But that could be a marketing ploy. That said...phone cameras are what they are...Samsung would be probably your best bet. Or buy a cheap phone and save for a better camera. :)
rokstomper thanks for your idea. How much price can be for iPhone ? May most expensive, is it ? I am confused what i will do. :confused:

It depends if you are upgrading in contract or not. I used an upgrade with Verizon for my Iphone 5 16G and paid $199 for it. If you are upgrading out of contract, then you will end up paying around 500-600, maybe 700. I went from the Samsung Galaxy to the Iphone and haven't had a problem with it. I had always been anti-apple, but this phone is very user friendly. I do believe it takes excellent pictures and I love the panorama option. :) good luck in your search.
Like your idea esselle !! Now I am in some problem. So let's buy a cheaper phone and save money for a better new camera.
HTC One is arguably the best out there at the moment. Samsung feels like a cheap toy and the iPhone ties you down with apple to much for my liking and the screen is tiny.
Handle a One and you'll love it. Milled from a solid piece of aluminium and powered by the fastest quad core processor available.

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