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Mar 4, 2006
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Hiya guys,

My partner and I are totally fed up with the uk and were thinking about taking the huge jump and moving to canada. We have been on holiday to toronto and thought the place was amazing and the ppl are lovely.
Are then any tips or suggestions where we should base our search with houses and jobs?? Or is there nething we should know before starting the process of moving? Are there any areas to stay clear of and any places which are nice and friendly. We idealy want to be near possibly oakville or anyother area near toronto, any suggestions?? I guess im asking for information and insight about living in canada and the lifestyle.

Thanks in advance
Snap :D
Sounds like a good plan to me.

Are there any areas to stay clear of
If you asked me, I would say the GTA (Greater Toronto Area) :lol: Too expensive and crowed for me. I won't get into it any further, in fear of upsetting our GTA members...let's just say that people who live in the GTA love it...and the rest of Canada hates Toronto.

If you want work, come to Alberta. There is a big shortage of workers and trades people. Up north, in a place called Fort McMurray (pretty much the Oil capital of Canada), I've heard that 15 year old kids are getting paid $15/hour to work at McDonald's.
It's true they are getting paid that. My friends a scaffolder up there and said that if you're making less than 13$/hr up there your the only one.

But I hear Alberta's pretty cool. Lotsa jobs. Half the people at my welding shop are from Ontario....
Greetings !
This is Lumi's man, writing some advice for you when and if you move to Toronto. Oakville is a nice area but it is far out from the city so i'm not sure what your looking for in terms of homes or work. SO...i'll give you an overview since I am born and raised there. If you are wanting to live in suburb i'd suggest the vaughn area, mississauga, oakville and steer clear of scarbourgh. Yes scarbourgh is nice in some areas but it is in my opinion (and i'm a correctional officer there at the Toronto Jail) it is mainly a slum as far as i'm concerned and crime ridden.

In regards to looking for jobs try workopolis, jobshark and read the online classifieds for the Toronto Star. If the two of you make a really really good living and want to live within the city i'd suggest Yonge and Eglingtion and Yonge and Davisville area. There are a lot of young professionals and families. It can be pretty pricey to rent or buy in that area but if you look hard enough you'll find something, Lumi and I did.

I'm not sure if you guys can drive on our side of the road but if you can't then renting a home or apartment within a subway accessible area might be an idea. You'd have to sign a one year lease but that is standard in Toronto. Thats pretty much all I have to say other than the only reason Toronto is bashed so much is because the other "major" cities in canada have nothing more that either a big mall or a better view ;)
Ok this is Lumi now ;)

Being an Aussie that moved to TO at the end of March 2005, feel free to pm me ( or pose any questions you may have in this thread ).

Moving to a new city, in a new country is exciting and can also be a little 'character building....settling into a new country can be a little weird, a little tough in that first year. I started to feel that Toronto was 'home' towards the 10 month mark and was sad to leave ( we are currently en route, via Europe, to Australia right now).

The subway system is great, it a very simple system and trains come every 3-5 minutes.

We lived at Yonge & Davisville, midtown, and absolutely loved this area. It's so close to everything ! It was a 5 minute walk straight up Yonge Street to go to the movies etc.

You will need to apply for your SIN number ( social insurance number )also. I applied for mine and got it straight away at the Canada Employment Centre located at [FONT=Arial,Helvetica][SIZE=-1]25 St. Clair Ave. East[/SIZE][/FONT] on the m[FONT=Arial,Helvetica][SIZE=-1]ain floor ([/SIZE][/FONT]corner of Yonge Street and St Claire Avenue )

I found the lower wages in Canada a little difficult, I took a $300 a week pay cut .....it varies of course depending on your qualifications.

Oh and don't swim in Lake Ontario, unless you want any future children, or their children, to be born with bonus features such as three ears and whatnot.

I cant think of anything else right now ( sangria I had this afternoon is takin effect ;) ) but, again, feel free to ask questions and good luck !
Cost of living compared to England is way less. Specially out West.

Are you wanting to live in the City? Or the burbs? I lived in Oakville for 11 years when we moved here. It really is a GREAT place to have a family. It's known as one of the richest city's in all of Canada though, so be prepared for really snobby rich people in big SUV's and their silver spoon fed children driving Daddy's BMW like an idiot.

Burlington is Kknda like a hybrid of Oakville and Hamilton. Don't for the love of god move to Hamilton, but Burlington is actually pretty nice. Lived there for 2 years aswell. Not as many rich people there, but they all act like they are.

Brampton. A lot of my friends live there. Their only real complaint is that it's too far from Downtown Toronto.

Missisauga. Personally I don't like Missisauga. I don't know why. I've never lived there, I've never known anyone really well who has lived there. I just never have a great experience when I'm there. Can't really figure out what's wrong with the place. It's probably just me.

North of Toronto. I know a few people that grew up around there.. It's another fairly wealthy suburb area. Thornhill is a mostly Jewish Community, Lot's of hot ladies!! Richmond hill, nice area.

I now live in Toronto and I'm loving it. Work was hard to find, but I'm not exactly qualified to do anything. The city is definatly friendly. It's just a City. People are usually content with listening to their iPods and desperately hoping for some human contact, but scared of making contact with a crazy person. My uncles first impression of Toronto was that people were rude. Well...I think he just forgot to realize that some people are just shy. Anyway...if you need any more advice please PM me.

I immigrated from the UK when I was 11 with my parents. I know what it's like, and I'm so happy that we move here. Things are so much better here.
Thanks for all your comments and advice guys. We have got a book on living and working in canada so we are reading through that atm!
We would like to live in a friendly place, not too far from the city but not so close that its really busy and theres nowhere to go for nice walks or take your dogs out. Ooo another question, i have a yorkshire terrier whos 9 now would i be able to bring him into the country easily or are there rules and regulations on that?? Its such a big thing to move away from the uk but this country is going down the loo as far as we are concerned!!
I may well come up with some questions and PM you guys.

Thanks again
Honestly I would suggest Oakville, or Richmond Hill/Thornhill. Really safe area's with really clean and friendly residents.

Oakville has the added advantage of being on the Q.E.W. Which is basically the industrial belt of Canada. And also being on the Lake. Which is great if you like boating or fishing. You can get some great salmon fishing on that lake. Just don't eat them. They taste like a$$.
i was born and raised in Mississauga, a suburb just west of Toronto. I love it and will always call it home.

Depending on what you do or what you plan on doing, there are lots of jobs in the growing areas around toronto. Oakville is a nice area, which is just west of Mississauga. It's a nice place to live, but if you have a job in Toronto and live in Oakville, the commute will be very long if you are driving. taking a train, it's not as bad.

Weather is a big thing. In the winter, it can get COLD. very cold. be prepared for winter living too. summers are humid and sticky due to the great lakes. i like spring and fall the best, as they have very tolerable temps. a little rain here and there, but nothing outrageous.

cost of living (compared to other cities and other parts of the world) are relatively low. rent and housing are definitely cheaper outside the downtown area, but you have to factor in commuting and where your job will be.
At least consider other areas. Vancouver for example, is one of the most beautiful and diverse cities in the world...and the 'laid back' west coast atmosphere is hard to beat.

Don't forget about the mountains...if I had to choose a place to start fresh...this is where it would be.
Big Mike said:
Sounds like a good plan to me.

If you asked me, I would say the GTA (Greater Toronto Area) :lol: Too expensive and crowed for me. I won't get into it any further, in fear of upsetting our GTA members...let's just say that people who live in the GTA love it...and the rest of Canada hates Toronto.

If you want work, come to Alberta. There is a big shortage of workers and trades people. Up north, in a place called Fort McMurray (pretty much the Oil capital of Canada), I've heard that 15 year old kids are getting paid $15/hour to work at McDonald's.

haha Its true! I LOVE the GTA!!! haha. Im not ofended but I will say that I live in High Park in Toronto and I think its the greatest! Jobs are close and , There is a nice young comunity here. A huge park right in the area.
However If your looking to buy a home it is a big pricey You will have to move outside the city to get a good piece of property. I lived in Burlington for a while (west of Oakville) and I really enjoyed the downtown area. Prices are resonable to buy. Its about a 40 minute drive into Toronto.
OR you could forget the GTA and go to B.C. - I have only visited a few times but I fell in love with it everytime!
Good luck!

I live in Scarborough, and have seen the continuous deterioration of this part of the city. I agree with Bace. Oakville, Richmond Hill, Thornhill, and up north of the city is pretty cool too.
The crime around (in Scarborough)has become annoying. I have been busted into twice in two years.
Sure there are some nice pockets and some cool places to walk and hike, the neighborhood is changing rapidly. Im looking to get out soon.
I'm with big Mike, maybe consider other areas of Canada, there are many beautiful areas that have alot to offer. But of course i am biased to Alebrta seen as i have lived here my whole life and it has done me no wrong. Good luck

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