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  2. Not bad. It's sort of a cliche shot, but these are always effective and quite blunt about the implied message. Yours is a pretty successful version of B+W homeless vs. rich faceless rich person.

    Compositionally it would have been interesting to have less of the reflected people walking by. Right now I see the little boy and I want his whole head in the shot, but seeing as he has no reaction it might be better to have him be just another set of disinterested legs walking by. Cropping across the top would mean losing a bit of the fur arm and elbow, which I don't think would detract from the shot.

    I also find the shut-off valve text to be highly distracting, think about removing it.

    I like that the homeless person is slightly out of focus, and that there is a lot of sidewalk between him (her?) and the viewer. It leaves you feeling "in control" as though it is left up to you if you want to bridge the gap to the person.

    Good shot.

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