Warning Semi nude pic!!


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Jul 17, 2003
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is a bad scan but what do you guys think?
I like it...especially the black and white....just wish I could see what's out to the left.
sorry about the contrast its the scan, Camera: Yashica mat 124 w/ Tmax
I like the contrast in this pic, It adds to the mystery, I also like the semi-nude but still not a whole lot to see.
i'm actually digging this. the contrast, imo, adds immensely to the impact. nude human figure veiled by a nice gray tone, contrasted with the emergence of a silhouette with a hint of human texture. the form is reaching for something and i am thankful that i don't know exactly what it is, though deduction would lead me there. comparing the zone contrasts from extreme left to extreme right - they work wonderfully. the blown out highlights around the faucet also keep me from focusing on them and indicate to me a 'finished emergence'. nice shot. the only thing that makes me uneasy in all the vertical strength of line is that your horizontal isn't level. i think a tilt to even your horizontal will strengthen it and also assist in silencing the converging verticals.

edit - a tilt to even the horizon of the diamond patterned tile.
i got one word "perky" :lol:

i think its a cool shot , very mysterious ... it builds a height of anticipation ... :)
I really like it. Concur with the previous posts on little contrasty. But I wouldnt try to improve it. Shots like this dont come often. One question. Candid or deliberate. It looks very "photojournalisticy"

I love your shot JDog!!!!

I think you have really captured the tastefullness of nude and semi nude. I kinda figured this topic was going to pop up but I think you have handled it very well!!!


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