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Jul 6, 2005
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we met up with some of the tpf'ers in dc this afternoon for a short while and b/c of the weather i didnt get much picture taking in, but i did catch this one of dad and lafoto...


Edit (Wednesday, 12 April, 5:22 p.m. my time): I have merged the two threads for I think they belong together ... and Corry I hope you don't mind that Eric's group pic got pushed a bit more into the middle?)
Wow...coooool shot. It is great to see you guys together. Bet y;all are having a blast. Nice shot scoob...thanks for sharing
Way to go, Scoob! Nice shot, for those of us who woulda like to be there but couldn't.
yea thanks for posting this one scoob, good to see ya'll together.... looking forward to more!
thanks guys!
Awww... look at you guys! I wish I was there - I would've loved to meet you LaFoto! Continue taking tons of photos so I can see!
ohh boy you guys must be having an awesome time!!!
cool pic scoob! great to see you, Corinna and JM :D
thanks for sharing.. can't wait to see the rest :D
I haven't even been home an hour, so I only have two for you so far...but they're probably my two favorite (even though the first one is horrid)

Ok...these were actually technically both taken by my boyfriend...and technically it's got tons of problems (like lens flare!!!)...but anyway...

....minus three or four (Alison, Aubrey, Robert (ShutteredEye) and a few others that stopped by.) here is your Washington DC Meetup Crew:
Back Row: Aaron (Karissa's husband), Mrs. Chase, Chase, Me, Joe (ClarinetJWD), Brad (Terri's husband)
Front Row: Karissa, Jeff Canes, Terri, Sky (Unimaxium) and Corinna (LaFoto)

And here is my personal favorite from the whole weekend:

Sky (Unimaxium), Me, and Joe (ClarinetJWD):


I'll have more later, and I'm sure the others will post more in the thread before too long! Gotta give everyone time to get home first! :D
Brilliant! I've been eagerly awaiting the fist pics. Can't want to see some more

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