"Washy hair all myself!"


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Jan 10, 2006
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:heart: This is my littlest bundle of joy :hugs: having a VERY proud moment. Yip, she was "washy hair all myself!" This was just a blast to see her giving it a try on her own and boy was she proud. So pictures were snappin' and she was just eatin' it all up. Miss Allie is 2yrs and 3 months of nothing but HIGH ENERGY and just a total HOOT! She keeps us :D all day long.

Just thought I would make a little momento of the moment and share.
Thanks for looking and checking out my little gal:lovey: who makes us oh so happy!:heart:


I kinda played around in a program and liked this little bubble effect. Found it a little fitting for the moment.:wink:

Thanks for looking!
Not only are these very cute photos of your little Miss Allie, I also like the way you put them together... and in this case I even like the bubble-effect! It works well with the theme, very well, I think. Ah, and your little bundle of energy and joy has such cute expressions! I love her pic in the upper righthand corner :D.
Adorable! Love the bubbles, looks perfect for a scrapbook page :D
Thanks everyone.

And Allison I scrapbook and never even thought of that...DUH!
Guess what the next page shall be. Thanks for the idea, hee hee.
Give that girlie a handful of M&M's! Job well done!!!
Thanks DestinDave...I am sure that will knock me outta the running for Mother of the Year that year....lol

Thanks Anicole, she would love that since her favorite word is CHOCOLATE. ha ha (SERIOUSLY)
Thanks photo gal and aprilraven.

Yes, aprilraven more pics than you can imagine. When she is all grown up. It is gonna be easy to break out the albums and watch her grow up all over. hee hee (I drive the hubby NUTS!)

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