Waterproof d3200 housing options???


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Apr 28, 2013
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McDonough, GA
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I take my camera to the lake and out by the pool a lot and always have a fear of getting it wet and ruining it.
I also really want to go diving soon and would love to be able to take pictures underwater.
I also dont have a grand to spend on a housing... Are there any fairly affordable options or is buying cheap just going to put my camera at risk?
I did a little bit of searching in the past and saw one really nice housing with all the bells and whistles but it was around $1k which is way over my budget currently. I also saw some for under $100 that were pretty much waterproof bags with a lens shaped area. Am I wasting my time looking for something affordable?
The cheapest decent housing I know of is the Ikelites... that is the bare minimum you should try and use (unless you want to turn your camera into a paperweight).

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The waterproof bags are good for rain, or maybe an accidental drop into water... not immersion, especially at depth.

I have been considering getting a D7100 setup for underwater use... probably a Nauticam housing with Ikelite Strobes. I do have a SeaLife DC1400 with a strobe (what I currently use) that I would sell for a good price, if you really want an underwater camera.
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