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Jun 24, 2007
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San Diego, CA
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We are having some really nice rain in CA. It makes me want to take photos of my kid playing in the puddles. Whats a good inexpensive way to waterproof my camera??
Get a reasonably heavy plastic bag that'll cover your camera, like a 1 gal ziplock.

Take off your lens hood and stick the camera in the bag so the lens is pointing into a corner. Pull the bag tight so it stretches a bit around the outside of the lens.

Use your fingernail or a plastic knife to tear away the corner of the bag then refit your lens hood to hold the bag in place.

Pull the bag around the camera to see where it lays against the viewfinder then tear a small hole there.

Remove the eyecup from the viewfinder, it should just slide up. Fit the small hole over the viewfinder and replace the eyecup.

Ta-da! You've made a field expedient rain cover.
You can also go to your local camera shop and buy a weather sleeve. They are about $3 for two and work, I would imagine, better than the ziplock bag approach.
I was just going to ask for someone to draw a diagram.. but heck if the weathersleeve is that cheap that is easier to understand.

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