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Sep 26, 2010
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Aspen, Colorado
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Hey fellow photogs!

My website, Yuri Horowitz Photography is launched!! It has been a long road to get here and my website is finally ready! Please go visit Yuri Horowitz Photography and let me know what you think!

I'm still making minor tweaks and polishing things up a bit but would love to hear your comments or suggestions! This is a site to display my portfolio and eventually will add more to my "Client Gallery" where I can take orders.


Looks ok.
The only thing, and I had the same issue, is that its flash based. Which means that folks with portable browser (cell phones) aren't able to sign on to the page and enjoy the view.
Hey thanks for your comments. I actually have an html site for phones that comes up automatically when you visit from a mobile device - so i'm covered there too! :)

Any other thoughts? I want to keep my very best images there and am still trying to figure out a couple more to take off...
I like the clean spacious feel it gives off. Also love the very well seen travel photos featured throughout the site. Nothing bad stands out, just good things.

I like flash sites (neat ones) and it was a concern for me about mobile phones browsers, but eventually felt I might lose a few visitors *but* felt for me, who that is considering spending a large amount of cash on a photographer will choose to view the photographers detailed skills on a 3 inch screen. It doesnt seem to have affected me. A bigger consideration was search engines liking my flash site - that was a slight problem - so I used an HTML landing page to direct the customer from wedding photographers newcastle

Back to your original question :) I think your site is looking good. Nothing I ould suggest to improve it.
I don't like flash websites, but fortunately you don't have music too. Since you use flash, you realize that search engines will probably have a tough time indexing (finding) you. You should at least put up a HTML version or at least a splash page so you can include some text. Read my SEO for the Photographer in my sig....
Thanks for the comments!

ArthurIhde, What would you suggest improving?

Regarding SEO - I have a mirror html site for SEO that I'm still working on but can add keywords, tags, etc so hopefully that will be enough. I have choosen against a splash page but we'll see I have one ready just didn't activate it yet. I personally don't like music either on sites but would be nice to have the option so with the splash page might add a with or without music entry buttons.

I'm thinking of renaming the Projects Varansi and Portobello to have more thematic titles. Right now I'm working with Ritual, Water Ritual or Soul for Varanasi and not sure with Portobello - might just remove it entirely and put it on my fb fan page.

On the mobile site, yeah I do have one but also not a big concern since someone serious about seeing my work will look at it on a larger screen. But it is nice to show people when you meet them briefly to *sprak* their interest enough to visit the site when you're not there.



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