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Dec 10, 2008
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I'm not to sure where to put this :lmao:

i got my site up but just the index page and i was wondering what makes a good site for photography? i am very good at photoshop but not web design but i can get by.. the site is just for fun and i get paid here and there since its only a hobby and most of the time i take pics for fun..also all i have is a D40 BUT i will be picking up a D80 which i love... so if ya have any comments or wanna help comment..

my site LarryMPhotography
Larry -- currently the front page looks great, and the main navigation page (the one you get to by clicking anywhere in the front page) ... is largely not working. So while I can say that I like what I see, that's really not a lot!

Also, don't talk-down your equipment. You've got a great camera, but as Ansel famously said, it's the 12 inches behind the camera that matters!

Oh, one last thing -- definitely don't use "lol" on your professional website. Ever.
yeah, there really isn't any content to comment on. So far, all you have is a web page, not a website. As dcclark suggested though, I would refrain from lol txt talk, ebonics, "leet speek" and other pedestrian vernacular if this is to be used for anything other than an advanced "myspace" page.

So what makes a good site? If you are trying to market yourself, then you want a clean and simple site that is easy to navigate and professional looking. You want to limit your portfolio to only those images that you consider your best work. Mine actually needs to be re-vamped. I don't consider myself to be a professional by any stretch of the imagination though. I work a FT job that pays my mortgage and other expenses and photography is an expensive hobby that pays for itself by little side jobs.
Try doing a search for various well known photographer's websites around the world, you will find so many ideas, you won't know where to start!

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