Webster's and Tews Falls

They're all solid photographs, but pic #2 just jumps out at me. From the walkway leading to the falls, to the ice covered branches. I just get a sense of being invited into the scene. I've been a train and plane buff my whole life, so Pic #4 gets a :thumbup: from me.
Thanks for your comments Joel. As a plane and train buff myself here is a nice sequence for ya. I just wish you could see the large version.
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I love the scenes, but the pictures came out too color-less for me. I find the train picture interesting, both the vanishing-point and colors of the wagons.
#1 would be my favorite. It looks like there is haloing or blur on the horizon of the trees. It looks like it was cold.
If you go to a street where all the houses are painted red, you cant complain that everything is too red. You take what you can get. It was a very overcast day and everything was colorless. This was my first time here and wasnt sure what to expect. The place would be magical in the fall. Im going back. The first waterfall pic has a lot of mist created, while the second waterfall is smaller but its only just a little shorter than Niagara Falls. Both have spectacular scenes when there is longer periods of cold so that more ice is formed. As it was it was a dreary cold but not cold enough kind of day. Im pleased with what I got, but am looking forward to going back when things are a little more colorful.
I actually like the colors. It lets me know it was cold. The images are all consistent with each other as far as color goes. The more I look at the 4th one I like it more and more. You timed that just right.

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