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Mar 9, 2003
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Hi all,

Darfion posted a great suggestion recently and, thanks to him, we have created a new Welcome/Introduction forum!

If you are new to the forum, please stop by, introduce yourself and say hello! (it would be great if some of you that have been around for a while did the same also!) :D

The Welcome and Introduction Forum
Hi I am Qp from belgium and uhhmmm let me introduce myself, importmanager is sportbusiness and wakeboard, diving, snowboard and of course photography are my hobby's...hope to meet some interesting people here to talk about photography and of course we are never to old to learn something about it...... See ya !!!!
PS. my 1st language is dutch then french and then english so excuse me for the faults i make sometimes.... :roll:
Welcome aboard QP and don't worry about spelling or grammatical errors,.... you should see some we get from English only speakers!
Hi everyone,
I'm now the new guy. I was into photography about 7 years agao, but just didn't keep it up. So here I am 7 years later, after forgetting evrything I learned. So please forgive me if I ask a question that has already been asked. I try to read the forums before I ask, but you always miss something.

I'm guilty of being new as well :)

I am 21 years old as of last June.

I jumped into photography when I was in grade 11 or so.

I graduated in May from Algonquin College in Ontario Canada from their photography program.

I am from Windsor Ontario (an 8 hour drive from the college, so I got the chance to live on campus with stinky noisey roommates!!)

Since graduating I've talked to a couple of photographers in my ciy/town. I sort fo stopped, good reason (work), so since that I lost the want to meet them. It'll come back soon I hope.

My website address is in my signature.


I have an old Canon AE1. I was interested in getting a somewhat point and shoot digital camera, but I'm against it now. I rather use the money for other things I NEED.. ;)

I only like digital because it's fast and you can somewhat preview your image after you've shot it.

other than that, I'm a film girl ;)

guess I'll introduce myself, since the site administrator said to... ;)

38, work for an energy company 9-5, m-f, fly planes and take pictures the rest of the time.

looking to find out more about photography, get some good tips and hear some good stories.

i've been here for a little over a few weeks...and i'm already addicted. although i dont reply to everyone, i enjoy reading what people have to say, and i'm constantly learning new things!

i'm from cincinnati, and i'm a fourth year at the university studying photography. i could always use a little help though, so i may be asking more questions than helping others...

this is a really great place! i'm happy i found you guys.

hey ya'll

just joined today

bought first camera yesterday(eos 3000n with a 75-300/4-5.6)
still waiting for the lense to arrive so itll be about a week before i can start taking some photos

i know nothing about photography

love planes, especially old ones(so most of my shots will feature them)
i work with planes
one day hope to fly to earn a living
also enjoy motorbike riding

Hail all.
I am Mindless Photographer, i am from Florida, im 16, and im a beginner!
i enjot sunsets and walks on the beach :love: ..... J/K! :mrgreen:

im probably going to be spending alot of time here, so HI!
Hi I''m Lucas and i'm in 9th grade this year and i have been into photography for about 3 years now... I came here a little while ago but i never intorduced myself... This is a great place to learn and I love it. Thank You

(Oh and i'm 14.. almost 15...sept.27)
Hi, I'm Andrea...I work for my local Sheriff's Office as a dispatcher on the night shift....love taking pics, it's a great stress reliever. I've taken pics at two weddings, one for a friend who wanted all b&w, and the other I actually got paid for. Too much stress in that though, probably won't do it again!! Love taking pics of my kids, nature, scenic shots...started going to school for photography, but had to quit to have back surgery. One of these days I'll get back into it, if I can find the time/money!! Love this site!! It is awesome!! Great for inspiration and learning new stuff.
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