Wedding albums? Where to get them?


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Jun 6, 2009
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What sites do you guys use to make a wedding album. I have been looking around and MPix seems really nice. Any others that are better and in a decent price range?
Mpix is a consumer lab, but you don't specify what type of wedding album.

MpixPro and Millers Professional Imaging (the parent lab) have nicer albums.

The client bears the cost of the album plus your charges for your time, talent, other non-reimbursed expenses, and profit.

There are many, many sources for quality albums.
If you want just an album to put 4x6 check out
The parents want to get the couple a full out wedding album that is already put together with different sizes in it, I don't think they are so much worried about the cost.
If you want REALLY nice albums, go with FINAO, they are a fantastic album company. If you want to find software that makes album design easy, go with FUNDY SOS - they offer software that operates within Photoshop, and is tailored to work with many of the top album companies in the world... including FINAO. The Fundy SOS album builder is a real timesaver and I'd highly recommend it.
there are lot many brands selling quality marriage albums. moreover you can decorate them with stamping, offers special wedding stamps, art stamps n custom made stamps, so that you can decorate the albums the way you want..........
Wedding album templates don't need to cost that much.

We offer professional wedding albums at a much lower price and ultra-high quality at Glorious Memory.

We want to make upsale products and uniquely designed templates for photographers at a very affordable price.

Here are a few samples of our wedding album templates:





We want your long-term business. We have many happy customers.

Check us out! We also have many graduation announcement card templates, greeting card templates and baby birth announcement card templates, 3X3 accordion albums and 10X10 albums all at very affordable prices.

Have a great day!
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I've tried just about every company when it comes to albums....nothing has came remotely close to matching the quality/price ratio that Black River Imaging offers....There Tuscany albums are pretty cheap and are of higher quality than most albums I've bought. The Mosaic album they offer is unique and of extreme high quality..check them out! They also have a great software system for designing albums, and it is free..It's called Cascade...

Black River Imaging | Professional Photo Albums
I have been using Zookbinders and ASABooks. They are both pretty good.
I use more of ASABooks since they have pretty good price and unique cover styles to choose from.
We are chinese supplier of wedding album,we offer traditional wedding album,wedding slip-in album with mat,peel & stick album(you stick the photo by yourself,if you don't love the photo any more,you can tear off the photo and stick another one),flush mount album and wedding dvd case,our website is Peel and Stick Albums£¬Wedding CD/DVD Case£¬Wedding Albums ,if you need,please contact us free,thanks!
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I would suggest Indigo Album Design Indigo Album Design. Very reasonable pricing, the designers are easy to work with and do custom design at a great rate, so you can save yourself with the designing altogether! I also love the Flush Mount Albums--excellent quality and they feature decorative end papers and book cloth & leather options...

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