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Mar 7, 2007
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I was reading the thread about insurance for wedding. I am looking into getting insurance after the holidays. This first year I was trying to save money every way I could and I was definitely lucky that nothing went wrong!

I didn't realize that I would be getting so many wedding calls......but now I really need to make a contract. Up until now I have known all the bride and grooms (even though I know I should have had a contract still!) But know I am starting to get calls from people I don't know and need to stop putting it off. I was just wondering if anyone out there would share their contracts with me so I make sure I don't leave anything out.

Another question that kinda goes along with that, for those of you with you have your customers sign something before posting on it? Usually I say something to them before they leave making sure it is ok.....but if I would forget to ask could I end up getting in big trouble w/ a crappy customer?
Personally I got a lawyer that wrote one up for about $100 I guess that was a little much for a wedding contract but it was worth it because it covered alot of contingencies. As far as your use of a clients images that needs to be CLEARLY stated in your contract that you have the total rights to the images to use as you please and even so far as to stating the types of things you might use them for. I once on another forum saw a great package of wedding/portrait forms including contracts and alot of other things you might need as a portrait/wedding photographer and it was all on disc to personalize as you see fit. Of course since I had the contract I had bought from my lawyer I did not save the link but it is out there somewhere anyone??? anyone???.

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