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Feb 22, 2012
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St.Louis, MO
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My name is Ann and I'm an on-location portrait and wedding photographer from St.Louis. However, I also enjoy working with textures and a variety of personal types of photography just for fun!

I have an Associate's degree in Photography, but would not consider myself a complete expert, as I learn new techniques and things about cameras all the time. I would say I am a very nice intermediate!

Some of my work can be seen at!

I joined the forum because I can chat from my iphone and I spend 2 hours laying in bed every night playing on my phone, so being on a photo forum is right up my road! ;)

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Welcome Ann!! I just joined today as well and I look forward to seeing your work and getting to know you better!

but would not consider myself a complete expert,
One of my colleague's has been in the business for over 35yrs and still looks to improve.
I had a client the other day and during a discussion I told her "the day I and my wife will stop looking into improving our skill and art, will be the day we will close the studio and leave photography industry".
You can never know everything but its always good try :)
Welcome. I'll be flying your way on the 13th for a bizness meeting =)
Well I recommend eating brunch at Rooster in the city if you plan on going downtown! Best crepes in the whole wide world! ;)
Oh, and as far as the professional gallery there a post minimum before we are allowed to post our photos? I've tried in Chrome and IE through uploading from my computer and through URL and nothing has worked.

I feel like such a noob. :p

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