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    Hi there,

    I am seeking advice from any of you professional wedding photographers out there! I am in the process of setting up my own company in Yorkshire as a self employed Wedding Photographer's Assistant. For the last few years I have helped a wedding photographer set up his new business and do his marketing for him and am his assistant at weddings. I have an event management/Marketing/PR background so am very experienced in this area. My business will be assistant with a difference, in that I am basically going to be available for photographers to call upon if they have a particularly big wedding they feel they need assitance with. I am not a second shooter! I will be offering my services to meet couples to discuss their wedding days and agree packages with them on behalf of the photographer if necessary and to also meet pre wedding to go through their day of what they want etc. I would also obviously be there on the day with the photographer and run the day liaising with family etc etc. In addition I will be offering additional marketing for the photographer as part of the package and offer after wedding parties showcasing the pics to family friends with a fun element. I designed these currently for the photographer I work for and they bring in quite a lot of additional income from family and friends buying prints.

    I want to ask you photographers out there if you think this service would be useful to you, is it something you would use. I appreciate in these days of recession etc. that cost is everything to the client and that you wuldn't want additional costs passing on, but I truly believe this will be a unique service and would be of benefit to the photographer. It's a little difficult to explain just in this but can I have your honest opinions please.


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