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Discussion in 'The Professional Gallery' started by phil-ray, Aug 30, 2006.

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    my cusion is getting married in 2 weeks, and they have a professional photographer doing all there nice standered wedding photos.

    but i have been asked to do some 'Alternative wedding photos' more of the meal and speaches and of the other guests at the night doo but also of the bride and groom but not just the set up photos that the professional photographer will do. u know what i mean i hope.

    what would u say i need to look out for or would be great to see?

    i know how to work my D50 so its not a real problem about setting it up, just more on what subjects i should concontrate on.

    any tips or hints?

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    try to get candid shots such as the bridesmaids all giggling together secretively, get the children dancing, guests kicking it up on the dance floor. Try to get photos of the bride and groom when they arent aware youre shooting...this is a good chance to get a really good "loving" shot of know with that "look" in their eyes?
    You can also get pics of the band or DJ
    first dances
    smashing cake into each others faces
    groom dancing with little flowergirl
    maybe have guest holding up little signs for the married couple as little well wishes or advice (you can provide a black marker and small stock cards
    Im sure there are more scenarios but I hope this is sufficient for now!
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    I say if you see the photographer shooting it let him they don't need a second set of those pictures of a lower quality thats what they are paying him for. I'm sure the last thing they want to do is pay for all the film you shot and end up seeing shots over the photographers shoulder. The best photos to get would be lots of guests some with the B+G and some without. also try and get some candids like interacting with each other and guests. Detail shots of things the photographer might not get some photographers do this and some don't things like flowers table settings and the like.


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    I think it can be a wonderful addition , and I am sure you mean well, BUT

    talk to the photographer ahead of time, ask him what he will PERMIT you to
    do., dont get in his way and please whatever you do people for petes

    sake dont use flash anywhere near the photographer, like 100 feet......

    I have clear outlined guidelines, and I still have guests trying to sneak off a
    quick shot in front of me like paparazzi, and basically they ruin a lot of

    shots... NO FLASH is a good

    besides that, shelly has some pretty darn good ideas of shots to grab!!!!

    I know I always miss a few of those kinds of shots die to the shots i HAVE to get....

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    Well, Phil-Ray? How did it go?
    Would you want to let us see some of your pics from your cousins wedding?

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