Wedding Portrait - Boys will be boys


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Jun 10, 2006
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Vernon B.C.
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I was going through and reprocessing a few wedding photos i've done over the summer and came up with this. It's a different style for processing, please let me know what you think...

feels a touch dark to me... but that's me...

it's different than the "softening" that goes in most wedding shots... I like it personally!

what kind of post proc. did you do to these if I might ask?
I did a soft-overlay layer, and a overlay layer with shadows and highlights. I sharpened the background layer and added a soft blur to the overlay layer. I added curves to brighten it up a tad but couldn't too much because i blew the sky out when i took the photo last year...
Being a gal who was raised in the desert, it took me a few moment to figure out what the heck they were messing around with. At first I thought it was a basketball hoop, then a satellite dish... :blushing:

Interesting look, though I think the faces are being lost a bit.

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