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May 12, 2010
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...well this one wasn't really a wedding, but the bride and groom to be wanted me to take shots of them in their wedding attire before the actual day.

As always...more on my blog

in the 1st and 3rd images the scale of things around them seems to make them look really tiny. also in the 2nd i'm not liking the dof, as the guy seems to be a bit to blury, unless you were after that.

but all the reast look really nice, though i don't really see a closeness that you would expect to see between a married couple. granted that there may be more on your site that ar elike that, but i hate clicking on links.
The individual shots of the bride and groom are AMAZING, really love the one of the bride. With the others I feel you picked beautiful locations (ecsp the San Diego Museum of Art!) But the location was at the expense of the couple's picture. I feel you should show more of the couple which is your subject and use the location as a compliment to that subject. The third shot you spend a good amount of composition to show the column and very little on the couple, the art museum you show a lot of the building architechture and the couple is secondary to the building. Dunno if that makes sense, but i do love your close up portraits
Fails to show a connection between them, outside of the fact they are both going to "an event" together. The reason they are getting married (any emotion) fails to be conveyed. Please tell me you got some pictures with them looking at each other, even better, one where she is smiling standing by the column? What kind of a smile is that one for her? I do not like them other than they are "ok"
I'm in total agreement with sage here, they could be two strangers in a bus queue apart from what they are wearing, the very limited DOF in no.2 emphasizes this, both should be well focussed, a little more romance touching/holding would not have been amiss either, not my bag but colour etc apart from no.2 looks fine, no.2 is a little washed out. H

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