Week 19|20 B&W Challenge: Industrial


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Jul 18, 2015
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This challenge will run until June 12, 2021.

The B&W Challenge is a fun thing, no competition and no prizes, this challenge will run for a period of two weeks. Please, only new photos taken during the duration of this challenge.

For this challenge, find your interpretation of industry and industrial objects. Explore the ares of your town where people work, gears in the economic engine. Find the factories and the details within. Enjoy the challenge and share your results please!
Thanks for your kind comments Zulu.

Skies here are either overcast or featureless blue. Low puffy clouds are rare so when that happens I try to get out, even at the expense of more favourable light. Camera this time was a p&s Pentax IQ left to make it's own decisions. Sometimes I hand hold a yellow filter in front, not this roll. Seems that I can never get the sky just right. HP5 is forgiving but often grainy at least for me anyway which shows most in the sky. Adjustments in PS as well as some Silver efex fiddly bits help.

Just almost through a roll in a Minolta X370, also on auto. Used a K2 and set the ASA at 350, perhaps not enough difference for HP5's latitude. Same cloud patterns almost. Results to follow.

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