Weekend Street Mini-Series

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    The title sounds far more formal than it actually was, but it was pretty much me wandering downtown London on a rainy Saturday afternoon, and here, the results. Note - For each of these, I was trying out some new photoshop techniques in terms of 'greyscaling' it as well as enhancing the sharpness in some places. If anyone gives their thoughts on the shots, perhaps some critique there would be appreciated too. Cheers.

    #1 - From Covent Garden Market (picture the actual Covent Garden Market...tiny and all indoors, not just partly, and without the cafes, shops and street performers)

    #2 - An old man going for a stroll. Throwaway picture, except I just like the way the girl walking by is posed.

    #3 - Artisan's Alley. Now one of my favourite photographic hideaways that I've discovered in my short time here

    #4 - Perhaps my fav...from Artisan's Alley, looking the other way.


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