Weekly Challenge 2/13 - 2/19 Look here!


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Mar 18, 2013
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For this week’s challenge, let’s focus on directing the viewer to a specific point in the frame. There are several ways to achieve this: shallow dof, a pop of color, light and shadow, leading lines, subject isolation, negative space, vignette etc. We’ve had past challenges for all of these techniques. While you may already typically aim to point the viewer to your subject, this week’s objective is to make it obvious.

As always, new photos only for the challenge please. Get out there and shoot!

Finding Your Strength in Isolation - 3 Methods to Make Your Subject Pop!

How To Use Focal Points For Powerful Photography Composition

How to Use Leading Lines to Improve Your Composition
Reminder Photo Forumers (or Photo Forum members), it's Valentine's weekend. I normally don't buy flowers, but a neighbor has been growing flowers and along with selling them wholesale also started a floral shop. It's not very often something out here where I live is close-by and convenient, so I bought flowers. Winter also returned for another round and I thought sticking my wife's flowers in the snow might be a good way to say, 'look here.'

While I was out in the snow I tried a few other photos for this week's challenge.


Why is this challenge only through tomorrow?

(I know it's probably just a typo... )
Why is this challenge only through tomorrow?

(I know it's probably just a typo... )

Yes thanks for pointing that out I will fix it. The challenge is always Saturday to Friday.
I didn’t have any time to shoot this week until today. I ended up trying to capture a snowflake with not much success - will really need to research the how tos before trying again. But it does fit subject isolation. Quality is very lacking I know.


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