Weekly/fortnightly/monthly-picture-to-be-ripped-apart proposition!


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Aug 29, 2010
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Many people try to give "C&C" in here. More often than not, these comments are short sentences saying "I like this!" or something like that. There probably are threads that give an insight into how to properly write C&C. Let's face it, few people dig for these, or look through the stickies.

If a picture was chosen monthly (don't ask me how or by whom!) for some hardcore C&C, that would be very helpful for the one who took it, and all the other ones as well. In this thread, everyone who wanted could write what they liked about it, what they didn't like about it - make the C&C lengthy and good. The picture should really be torn apart, pixel by pixel until what was worth saying about it had been said.

How is this any different from normal C&C threads? These threads should be "high priority" threads. Maybe make stickies of them. All the experienced C&C-givers should be encouraged to participate in here. It would be an invaluable learning tool - both for learning photographic composition and learning how to spot those small things that might make/ruin a photo.

If this was something that people looked forward to, waiting for, hoping to be chosen for - then this would be as I'd hoped. If people stayed up 30 minutes longer to participate, or had ambitions to learn from this - then this would be what I hoped for. If people were marking their calendars, rain checking on dinner plans with their fiance, coming late into work, skipping the wedding, not showing up for the exam, not attending the weekly retirement home's golf competition - then this would probably have gone too far.

Thoughts? :)
Do elaborate :)
I was laughing at your "that bad" comment.
Yea, well. There's a saying in Norway that goes something like: "the quite agrees"... But I think the lack of interest should be interpreted as the opposite :lol:

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