Weird display of color profile (Camera RAW, IrfanView, Windows)

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    I don't. It was a mistake due to the fiddle with the settings. Thanks for letting me know though...

    I think I figured out what the problem is.
    After switchting back to the RGB work space in Photoshop (thanks Ysarex!), everything within Photoshop looked weird first but then I realized that this was the correct display of those images.
    Now PS is displaying the same image as the windows preview and Camera RAW (finally). It's not a nice one but read on...
    IrfanView is the problem here which brought me into thinking, everything else is wrong.
    Together with my newly purchased camera I thought only IrfanView is displaying those images correctly because of the more saturated colors.
    But apparently the images of this particular camera and my latest photoshop-files I used for reference were just undersaturated in the greens...

    I looked up some irfanview color profile issues and apparently it does not handle those quite well.
    To check this I installed XnView as well. Same result. And in Firefox too.
    So they just add the colors from my screen profile to the sRGB colors resulting in oversaturation on green and orange colors (which are a lot in nature and humans).

    I hope everything is solved by this insight...or do you have any doubts?

    If yes I will facepalm so hard.
    This issue bothered me for nearly half a year.


    Here is by the way the image I could finally edit properly. Hopefully it is not too saturated now because of my changes?


    You can force IrfanView to accept the color profile through downloading the LCMS(?) plugin and putting the settings like this:

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