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    Let me start by saying I'm super-pleased to see that the digital vs. film wars are over and peace reigns once more. Thank goodness! I no longer feel guilty toward my 'Tribe' when toting either type of gear. This is a very good thing indeed.

    That said, I'd like to note what is, perhaps, a holdover from those unfortunate days.

    Many different techniques have been used in film photography to gain specific effects: textured paper, solarization, toning, selective blurring, IR spectrum film, filters, pattern overlays and litho are but a few.

    On the digital side, there are also a huge number of techniques available. Many of them can be subsummed under the heading 'Photoshop(r).'

    Here it comes:

    Why do we so rarely see a picture made with traditional techniques critiqued as 'overtextured' or 'over-toned' while we run into 'over-shopped' time and again? Are we seeing a double standard?

    Or does it all depend ...

  2. There is a misconception that Photoshopping is easy. Push a few buttons, run an action, scrub the mouse around the desk a few times, and voilĂ . The film equivalent is considered hard work and high art, pursued alone amongst caustic chemicals in pursuit of creative expression.
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    Indeed. The automated actions that can be bought online is the technical equivalent of hiring someone to come to your dark room and get a particular effect for you. Photoshopping properly is not easy and there is a lot to learn.

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