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Well, it's different.

The Barbarian

Been spending a lot of time on here!
Dec 14, 2005
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Reminds me of the Mods in England in the 60’s. They added all that bling to scooters.
Sure it has interesting aerodynamics........and wind noise on the highway, maybe it whistles a tune at 70mph?
I think I've seen that one before, as well as a Jeep and an F-150 with similar decorations, also belonging to Marines. Wonder if it's a single owner, or a club of Marines.
Supposedly, a retired marine and his family.
Reminds me of a would be gangster. She walked around with cdr's pinned and glued to herself. A F'n eye sore. Look me in the eyes she said. This car on a bright day. Man oh man. I'd buy a rpg for one reason.

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