Where did you go?
I went...away for a bit...

It was since I moved clan, big move and had to make sure I was sorted with new clan, then girl things...and other reasons :)
I missed you...welcome back, Arty!
Rob said:
@£r¡9h7, §0 h0w'§ 7h€ µ£7¡m@7€ £€€7 h@x0r b€€n 7h€n? w007!
Pfft, n00b, 1 R0X0RS Yuo! Why, how have you been? ;)

I missed yah to Corry, missed everyone tbh

Me being stupid I missread the names AGAIN, sorry Traci, and yes I did miss you too!
I was wondering where you've been... look, my posts count has gone stale...
Good to see ya back :D

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