what a relief


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Feb 2, 2005
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location, location
if i have posted this before, a thousand apologies, i couldnt find where i had, but the smoke, brimstone and fire, tends to make your memory slip some...

i thought this was so pretty... she is just engraved in the stone...
so maybe worth a second look...even if she has been seen before...

so apologies...


Iv not seen it before...... its a really good engraving, love the way she's placing the flowers... and the moss looks good aswell.... well taken raven, i like it alot :thumbup:
Dang, Pallie ... you're holding out on me! Where did you find this one?

That's awesome!

Okay, while the wings are impressive ... I have to admit ... it's the toes that draw me ... guess I've never seen that kind of detail on one!

Way to go, Pallie!
ooohhh - that's nice - such detail! Great capture of a great find! I haven't seen this one before - I'm glad you posted it!
Very nice. The detail on this stone is amazing. Love the moss on it.
Ditto all of the above comments. The expression on her face is so sweet (especially in the second shot), and the detail in the flowers is lovely. A really awesome pic.

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