What are good wide angle lense for Canon Rebel T3i?


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Aug 7, 2013
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My camera kit came with two zoom lenses that are nice but I need a wide angle that has a good zoom. I want to be 5-10 feet away & able to get 10 people in the shot. Please help, I am slowly learning here. I seen the Canon EF 15-85mm & was also curious on the Canon EF 28. Any feedback would be appreciated! :hail::D
If you are using a wide angle lens to cover 10 people and they are about 5 to 10 feet away from the camera, it is going to have a lot of distortion especially for those who stand closer to the edge of the frame.
With a crop sensor, wide angle is a little tougher, but if you have the money I'd look into the Canon 16-35 2.8 L. I'm looking to pick one up soon.
I'm looking to spend no more than $600-$700 at the moment. Would a larger zoom do the trick? I just want a little more of an angle & not have to stand so far away to get a couple people in the pic.
I would like to spend no more than $600-$700 right now. Is there any good wide angle lens you suggest or would I be ok with a larger zoom lens? I just want to be able to fit alot of people in my pics if needed without having to stand so far away....
Try the Sigma 10-20

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Thankyou for your help! I just wanted to get a little feedback before I go purchase anything. I googled this & found the photo forum, it seemed very useful so I joined.... Hope I don't get addicted now!:D
Canon makes an EF-S 10-22 lens for their crop bodies that is pretty affordable compared to the 16-35L. If you would rather go third party, take a look at the Sigma 10-20 or the Tokina 11-16. I've used and like the Tokina out of the two, mostly because I like the feel and the focusing system better, but I've only ever looked at the Sigma, never taken any photos with it. Look on Amazon or for used gear if pricing is prohibitive.
A Tokina 11-16 could work, that's an Ultra wide though, and it could wreak some serious havoc on peoples' figures, especially those on the outter edge of the frame.

Any specific reason for these conditions (shooting so closely) ? Ideally you should back up and take the shot if at all possible.

I joined.... Hope I don't get addicted now!:D

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Maybe I shouldn't have given the 5-10 feet range... I just want a bigger angle than the basic lens that came with the kit I bought. I'll prob shoot further away but just want to make sure I can fit alot into my shot. I need to go dig out the lens I got on my Nikon, it's badass! I've always used Nikon's & just bought the Canon last yr & need to get some accessories for it.
I'm guessing you got the Canon 18-55 as one of the lenses in your kit. In my mind, if 18mm isn't wide enough, you're in some very cramped quarters to not get 10 people in the shot. In those situations, perhaps 'herding' them into two rows would solve the problem. But, if you'd rather get a wider-angle lens to squeeze them in, then any of those suggested above should do the job. But, as Dao stated above, there will be some unusual-looking curved distortions near the edges of the photograph. And those near the center of the picture will have unusually large-looking noses. That's the 'nature' of wide angle lenses. Even at 18mm, there's some visible distortions, but it isn't as easily 'caught' by the viewer as a 10mm shot is.
The Canon 10-22mm is a great lens (or save some money and go third party - I hear good things about the ultrawide Tokinas). However, as indicated above, if you shoot at 10mm (equivalent to the field of view of a 16mm on full-frame), you will badly distort people at the edge of the frame.

It may (depending on your tastes) also be worth considering a fisheye lens. Gene Ho (google him) gets great results from the 10mm and 15mm Sigmas.
I own the 15-85mm 3.5-5.6 and the 70-200L IS f4 and couldn't be happier with the combo on my T2i. Pretty seemless image quality. You should be very happy with a 15-85. Some copies have an issue with decentering at infinity at 24mm and shorter but if you set focus manually to infinity the issue disappears and the depth of field inherent to small focal length provides sharp focus from in close to infinity. There is no issue close in at all to be concerned with. It's a very sharp lens throughout it's range for the money.
Canon 10-22mm


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