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Jun 29, 2004
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Poland, Sz-n
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What are you thinking about right now?? :) honestly....
How bad the traffic is going to be when I leave for Seattle in a few minutes.
Lots of stuff!

Right now, I just wanna go! I get off in less than 10 minutes :mrgreen:
And I can't stop thinking how much I would like a new lens, but how mad I'll be at myself while I'm making the credit card payments :(
I thinking about the fact that I have the money to finally buy a D200(body) and I can't find anybody that has one.:grumpy:

But I just ordered my Alien Bees, and that's cool I guess.:blushing:
Having to go back to work tomorrow...:(
I'm thinking about you all...

I love spoending mah time in your forum..

and I'm thinking what food to eat..ahehehe..

kinda hungry...

hi people..

have a nice day.

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