What brand of camera do you use?

What brand of camera do you use?

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I'm a little bit surprised that so far nobody has voted for Canon. That's not too say I'm a canon fan, I'm Pentax all the way. It just always seemed to me like Canon was one of the more popular brands.
And ya, I do realize there have only been about 15 votes so far.
I'm a Nikon guy all the way, but I've never really used much else other than the occasional Canon and Pentax, and I have an old Minolta, but it's pretty neglected. I just started using a Nikon, and never really wanted to change.

I have a Minolta x370 and a Sigma SA 9. Like both very much. The Sigma has all the stuff the pros like and comfortable to hold.
YEAH J!!! Nikon is AWESOME!!! way to go, i knew there were others... 8)

Canon? Jees what's wrong with you? :p Just kiddin' just kiddin'
I was gonna buy a canon this year, their nice camera's.
Looks like we got all the major brands covered now.
I use a Nikon FE, though I occasionally use a Canon EOS100QD. I also found my late grandfather's Praktica DTL3... In poor condition though, and it's hard to find out about this camera on the net. Could anyone help?
I just switched to digital. Getting back into photography after a long and regreted absence. I'm using a Sony DSC-S85, 4.1 megalpixel. Finally starting to learn how to use it. So far I love it.
My favorite camera is the Nikon FM3a, I really like the classic all metal construction with brass top and bottom plates, Precision die cast center component and stainless steel lens mount. Leroy from Milwaukee
I currently use a Fuji MX600 digital camera but I’m starting to look around for a replacement. The ones that caught my eye are the Nikon coolpicts 5700 and the Olympus 750 UZ.
I started out with a Nikon 6006 but because I have Muscular Dystrophy lugging that camera with the lenses became to much of a hassle. If a company made a small digital with lens that were interchangeable I would look into that.
man! im struggling to make a rent payment and you people are talking about the next camera to buy, i gotta get a new job.


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