what camera should I buy. how can I sell my work and to whom


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May 28, 2003
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Gosport UK
I have spent some years painting in watercolour but would now like to attempt photography, for which I have always had an interest. I am looking to photography as a hobby in the hope that in time I might find an income from my pictures. I also need to find out how I go about contacting and who I might contact, regarding potential purchasing of my work.
Well if you're new to photography then I'd recomend that you look for a good manual SLR camera in order to learn the basics. A Pentax K1000 would be a good choice, but don't necessarily take my word for it.
As far as selling photos go you can check out the following link I just posted a reply to someone elses question regarding stock photos.
I refered the originator to a book called "Shoot" in the reply, which would be a good book for you to look at if you're new to photography.
BTW..I just looked and it's only $20.97 brand new ant Amazon.com or you can get it used there for even cheaper.
I actually started with the Pentax K1000. I don't know that I would do the same thing if I had the chance again. I feel that I have learned more since I have had my NIkon 6006. The 6006 or 8008 are good heavy duty cameras that can be used as fully auto or manual. The benefit with these cameras is that they are nice enough that they can be used by either an amatuer or a pro (especially the 8008).

Photography is all about mastering light...using it to your advantage; making sure that it does not work to your disadvantage. I feel that if you do not have to use strictly manual controls with the K1000 you would be able to concentrate more on the other aspects of photography. There is such a wide variety of lenses that you can buy for the Nikon also that I think it would be a better choice.

Just my two cents.


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