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Oct 2, 2005
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your eye when doing photography?

OK! Im just a beginner in all of this.. I do flowers a lot.. I think right now that is what Im best at... BUT I see a LOT of great photos on this forum and they really do inspire me... I Tried to do a photo just out of the blue today to see how it would turn out.. NO comments yet... SO Im guessing its not to great lol..... OR I could do better... STOP is what its called in general..

THIS is what leads me to my question... WHAT catches your eye? HOW did you learn about your framing / camera angle etc.... ??

Thanks! Yes full of questions Im determined to get better :)
It's hard sometimes...but I'm trying to "see the light"...rather than just objects. Then look for subjects that will look good/interesting in that light.

Of course, when I see a scene that I think would make a good photo, I can't always make or wait for the best light...so I just shoot with what is available.
Love nature mostly. Scenics is about my favorite. I just love the views. I also have a fondness of architecture. Love the old buildings and structures.

As for compostions I basically move the camera around. Maybe adjust the zoom on the lens. Move up or down, left or right. Just seeing what the compositon looks like in the view finder. Every now and then just by moving a little bit. You finally see that great (or what I think is great anyway) composition. I don't necessarially stick to the 1/3rds rule.
I make B&W landscape prints. That includes the natural objects found in landscapes such as rocks, trees, grasses, etc.

There are three things which catch my eye: compositions, compositions and compositions.
It really depends on what it is, and if it invokes emotion in me.
Something that stirs emotion in me. Something that makes me think. Something that speaks to me.
Holly said:
WHAT catches your eye? HOW did you learn about your framing / camera angle etc.... ??

What catches my eye?? ...... on my wildlife shots about 70% are shots that I just took without thinking, but on those shots I zoom out a bit so I can crop later for beter framing. In the close up Otter shots, you know the ones, I just watched what they did and hammered off about 20 shots in 3seconds and checked which ones had open eyes etc.

As for my landscapes its a case of the rule of thirds or just a big and long panoramic. I don't do many landscapes as I feel I'm not that good.

Aviation shots, I do two different types of shot. The first is the fill the frame with the plane and the second, which I prefer, is the scenis shots of Display teams where I frame the shot to get as much of the smoke in as poss. Most people at airshows use BIG lenses where I sometimes use 28mm for ground to air shots.

Sports, to be honest I just bang off hundreds of shots and keep the good stuff.

I learnt all I know about framing from looking at other people work and then comparing mine.

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