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Jul 5, 2003
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Kalispell, MT.
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What do you bring with you when you go out for a day of shooting?

I now take to much stuff with me,
today I took over 15 roles of film
2 :camera: 35mm and a digital camera
6 lenses and so on....

Now I did not use 1/2 of it but I had it :roll: and only 2 roles of film :LOL:
I'm a sucker for taking as much as i can carry...

I take it even it there is only the slightest chance i'll use it.

Just recently i went into the city to take shots and only took 1 film my EOS10 and a tripod. I was regretting it as i missed heaps of oppourtunities and when i went back the next day the wind had picked up and i couldn't get the shots...

oh well...

I guess i kinda follow the boy scouts moto - "Be prepared"

I'm starting to prioritise now, but i still like to be prepared (but me shoulders hurt afterwards)
15 rolls of film??
wow nikon, where are u living that you see that much stuff? lol

i generally take my EOS, 2 or 3 rolls and my digital
my tripod stays in my car.
You film users are just so silly! All that excess baggage, Sheesh!

For a day out i travel with my Digital (no 35 mm film jobby for me), 3 x XD 64MB memory cards, 4 spare NiMH AA batteries, 1 x tripod, 1 x mini tripod.

For more than one day add 1 x laptop computer, 1 x USB cable, 1 x battery recharger and car adapter.

See, there's no need to carry all those rolls of film! :lol:
i usually take my digital cam on my neckstrap with the power on and ready to go :D .. wide angle lens (usually mounted on, i prefer wide) , 3 memory cards, and 4 spare batteries ... i never carry a tripod or rarely use it (although we have 3), its too restricting for me :? ...
depends on my mood - usually I don't like to haul lots of stuff around... So most of the time my cam with one lens (also depending on my mood :roll: ) a pol filter, sometimes a spare battery and a 2nd memory card... that's it. tripod mostlikely for nightshots only...
I most always bring a tripod. Unless I know there is going to be plenty of light. I'm only steady enough to hand hold 1/30 shutter speeds with 50mm and less...
It depends. If I think a 50mm lens is all I need and want to travel light, my x370, 50mm and a roll or two for street stuff is all I take. Most people don't realize how versitale a 50mm is. Before zooms, that's all most people had.
I love just shooting with my 50mm lens. When I started it was all about my zoom and 28mm... Then I discovered how sharp and fast my 50mm lens was and it is my favorite (that and the 100mm macro)
Well, here's my gear, I usually put this in a Lowepro Nova 3 bag:

Canon A-1
FD 24mm f/2.8
FD 50mm f/1.8
FD 100mm f/2.8
Vivitar Series 1 70-210mm f/2.8-4
Canon Speedlite 199A
Various filters and other crap
Several rolls of film (HP5 Plus and FP4 Plus)

Personally I'd rather use a 35mm lens than a 50mm lens, it's a better focal length for doing street photography IMO. I haven't had a chance to pick one up yet. I'm also after a Canonet rangefinder at the moment, I'd love to just go out with one little camera sometimes ;).
I think I speak for all the digital people, when I say that you non-digital'ers are funny! Carting around all those lenses and and rolls of film. Funny Funny Funny (but we won't get this thread side tracked about that will we now :) )

For me, I'll take my Canon G5, the battery (hopefully obviously), and a 512meg CF Card. Lowepro "something" bag holds it all. and yeah, there you go.
usually its a bag of dorito's and a capri sun.

my nikon
my digital
2 lenses
2 filters
5 rolls of film

If I have a specific project or job to do then I'll take the appropriate equipment, and maybe some back up stuff. I always take too much film and batteries, because I figure it's easy to carry compared to running to the film store in the middle of the shoot.

When I'm out wandering around town or at a family get together or party I usually take one camera, my light meter, and plenty of film. I try to go light.

When I'm out driving around looking for photos I'm usually hauling my landscape rig. This consists of:
Speed Graphic camera
150/265mm lens
90mm lens
dark cloth
6 film holders (2 shots each)
1 Grafmatic film holder (6 shots)
light meter
filter wallet, lens hoods, cable release, etc...

All of this barely fits into a backpack; add a tripod to knock it up to 35 - 40 lbs, and photography isn't just a hobby, it's a workout.

In addition to the landscape rig, I will usually have several other cameras in the car just in case.... One with color film (I usually shoot BW), and something for shooting handheld when I don't want to set up the Speed Graphic.

I usually haul a lot more stuff than I really use, but sometimes it pays off. I have driven all day to a location that fires me up more than normal, and I end up shooting all the film I have. You never know, might as well be prepared.

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