What do You Make of These? (56k nono)


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Feb 11, 2006
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Bristol, UK
well I finally managed to get a scanner for a day and scanned a few pictures, comments more that welcome!




Thanks for looking! :)
I really like #2 and #4. The others are great and the last one...what is going on in that?
The last one is something I stumbles accross on the beach, someone had put a bird in a fish's mouth, very odd!
Actually, looking at it, no dorsal fin, long wavey fin (forgot the name and can't be bothered to look it up!) underneath and joining the tail, probably is an eel of some kind, don't know enough about fish to tell what kind though
I sure like the reflections in the first, and the mist is also nice, though it is a tad distracting and left me wondering what was going on for some time.
The second and third are quite centred in their composition, I would have wished particularly for the third that you had turned a bit to the left.
I really like the man looking out onto the see in the small harbour in the fourth, though he does not have that much room to look into within the frame... I think you wanted to capture both the baskets for crab fishing (?) and the man, but it would have benefitted the man more if you had given him more room to look into inside your frame... nevertheless, that one still is my favourite of the series.
As to the fish and the dead bird ... it has a bit too much of a "ewww"-factor to me, I don't really care to look at it for too long, I'm afraid. (*shudders*) ;).
Thanks Lafoto! The one with the guy looking out of the frame is actually two thirds of the original photo with the left cut off as I thought it was 'too' centered, doh! I know what you mean about the third one, I tried cropping it but couldn't find anything I was happy with so just left it as it was. And as for the fish, I just thought that was plain weird and had to be shared!

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