What do you think about my wife's website?

I see a lot of green and green/yellow skin tone color casts on non-effects shots. Meaning on shots that appear to be processed for "natural" color, and not "effects color", the fleshtones look bad.
Its really nice to see a neighbor here. As far as format I liked it, was easy to navigate.
The only thing I wasn't really a fan of was the opening picture of the bride and groom (B&W) in the apple field (or whatever)
I personally would throw something with a little better comp and PP. Something to pull me deeper into the site.
Also some post on the photos are up and down... maybe the colors are off

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More experienced professionals I'm sure will chime in.
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As someone who is in the Seattle/Tacoma area and has been actively looking for a family portrait photographer in the last couple weeks because tripod + remote + posing myself + new baby is entirely too difficult for me, here are my comments.

I think the site is pretty nice & clean. However, I like to open different pages on different tabs so that I can switch back and forth, so I'm irritated when the right-click feature is disabled. I also like to look at exif data sometimes, but that probably isn't a normal thing for a customer to do...

As far as the images, one major thing that jumped out at me was that in the family portraits, quite a few of the faces were not in focus.
Site is very quick and easy to navigate. Is that wordpress? Can I ask where she's hosting?
The photos she shows are hit or miss for me. There are a few that looks really good, there are a few that looks like she just bought the camera for a hobby.
I mean whatever, but I think they were asking more for feedback on the site than the pics. I point this out only because it strikes me as something that might devolve...
:lol: Be nice, Robin. Don't make me get Mish in here. :)

I believe the hosting is done through Weebly - but I'll have to double check on that. Thank you so much for the constructive criticism (on the website AND the photos)! I think we will update a number of the photos on the front page. Some of these images are older, when she didn't have the best equipment. She just upgraded to the Canon 6d a couple months ago, and also got a couple new lenses.
I didn't check it all, but the majority of the pix I looked at were beautiful. The grad was kinda faded, maybe it was a 'bleach bypass' type of thing.

Strong opening shots for the portfolios. Very impressive!
More from a marketing perspective than photography (I'm at best a poor amateur), I think overall, it gives a quite positive representation of your work. I think the navigation provided is what prospective customers will want to see. But, I also think there are several photos (subjects) that may be detracting from the overall quality of the content on the site. I know I may not have stated this delicately and I apologize for that, but it is my honest opinion. We are not all beautiful (photogenic) people and I most definitely include myself in this category. Why put anything out there that is not the best of the best? I also don't see any proposition. Admittedly, I didn't look at every page, but I don't think you should have to. I think you have to ask for what you want from viewers - call, email, visit the studio, whatever - I didn't see that. I wish I was as talented at photography as you!

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