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Discussion in 'General Shop Talk' started by maytay20, Jun 1, 2008.

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    OK I did a wedding yesterday and no matter what setting I used the pictures kept over exposing. Well after a lot of panicking and trail and error I figured out for some reason it was my flash bracket that was causing it. :grumpy: I have this flash bracket. http://www.amazon.com/RPS-Rotating-Bracket-Digital-Connectors/dp/B000MUWZ4C I have only had it for about 1 yr but only used it a hand full of times. So do you think there is a problem with the cord and should I call the company about it?? As long as I had my flash hooked strait to my camera everything works perfectly but as soon as I put it on my flash bracket my shutter stays open too long. Thank god I had a spare camera and had arrived early so I had time to do trial and error to find the problem. Has anyone else had problems like this with a flask bracket??

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    If you are not using a TTL cord then yes, your bracket or more specifically your cord is causing the problem. If you are just using a straight PC cord that is non TTL you need to be doing your exposures manually. So I guess the operative question is what cord are you using.

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