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Dec 3, 2008
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Don't think these are hdr but I was messing around in ps elements tonight and came up with this two images that I took from this weekend.


Here's the second one. I couldn't get it to post directly in the post.


both of them are way too processed, imo.
I agree both seem too over processed to me. The first one is better than the second. The first one is better than the second, but still has some heavy processing coming through.
thanks for your honesty. that's what i was looking for. I used glaussen blurr and darkened it. I was going for an artsy type look. guess it didn't work.
I like the second much better than the first, because it's a much cleaner shot: cool statue on a gradient background. IMO, the processing is fine for that one. The PP doesn't work on the first one for me. It looks kind of ghastly and all the detail in the trees is pretty much lost (not in a good, "creamy"-bokeh kind of way either).

And there is not "right" way to post process an image. Everything can be edited in a million different ways. Just play around with different interpretations and find one you like!

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