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Discussion in 'General Shop Talk' started by heavenlymom, Jan 8, 2009.

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    So as a few of you may know I have been posting on here off and on through out the past few months. I have found that this is the most informative board with in my own opinion the most educated people in photography and the business in photography with the most experience. I consider myself on the lower ranks and so I look up to and truly follow a lot of the advice given to me from this board.
    What I am wondering is this. I live in a small town and opened my studio May. While I haven't made a living off my photography studio since I opened business has picked up through word of mouth mostly and I now make enough to cover my expenses for the studio each month or break even. I am sticking with it in hopes that it will only improve as time passes and word gets out about my studio.
    January is one of the slowest months for studios out here (I've worked i many other studios over the past six years). I need to find a way to make some money this month and improve getting the word out about my studio.
    My studio is located in an office building and therefor it's not noticeable from the street and I can't put up a big sign though I do have a small street sign up. I only pay for rent though and have my utilities and insurance paid for through this place so I don't plan to move for a while.
    My biggest issue is no one knowing my studio is even here.

    So I had an idea and what to know what you think about it if you don't mind. I was thinking of doing something during the middle of the month where I offer two days of walk ins and free portraits. I would give each person who comes in a few free portraits and then offer them the opportunity to purchase more. As most of you know if if you offer free sessions/portraits everyone wants a part of it. I figured this might help get the word out and may help me get some new customers and possibly have some buy more than their freebies.

    What do you guys think as I'd really like your opinion or maybe even some suggestions.
    Thanks so much in advance!!

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    I think that's a great idea.

    I've known a few photographers who do this sort of thing...although it's often been in a public place like a park.

    The idea is that you offer something free...like waiving the sitting fee for the portrait session. You get as many people to come as possible...you can even try to book them fairly close to each other...which hopefully creates a crowd...which creates excitement.
    The way I've seen it done, is that the photographer will book people, rather than just having a walk in...but it's probably pretty loose & free with times etc...especially because people might not be on time when it's free.

    The key will be getting the word out. Make sure you plan out a marketing campaign to let people know when & where.

    Good luck.

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