What do you think???

If you copy and paste into the address bar it works. You cannot link to geocities images anywhere but geoshitties...

The photo is good. I'm not sure if you cropped off some of the path at the bottom, but I think it would be better to include more path at the bottom.
how can you post a picture online?

Voodoocat...I tried to copy and past the link to the address bar and that works. About the path....I took this picture and nothing is done to it....unfort. i can not take it again cause it was taken in Versailles, France
That's what I figured which is why I asked.

Im not sure which free sites allow you to link to images but they do exist. I hear the ecomplanet.com allows this.
you captured this scene in all its majesty... very well done.

angelfire will let you link directly, & it's free
Here it is....now yall can view it w/o doing extra work!!! :D and thanks for the complements.
Thanks Manda...
It was taken wiht a Kodak Advantix APS Camera. I really like it cause you can switch film before you even finish the entire roll...so that means you don't need two cameras for B&W film!!! :eek:) I love B&W photos.
LOVE IT!!!! that is a gorgeous composition
it really stands out :D

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