What exactly does an advertisement photographer do?


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Nov 12, 2006
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Hey all,

I've been missing from the boards lately but I promise I am still around!

Anyway, I've got a question. Today I recieved a phone call from someone who works at a local newspaper. Apparently a while back I applied for a position that said "Advertisement Photographer", for the local paper. I probably applied using one of these websites that I was a member of awhile ago.

Despite the title of this thread I KNOW what a normal advertisement photographer is; takes pictures for ads, simple enough. Lord knows I've done my fair share of these pictures, both for some companies, and on my own as "practice".

However, the question I have then is; what does a NEWSPAPER need with an advertisement photographer? Am I to believe that a newspaper would hire someone to help a company set up an ad in the newspaper? I was under the impression that if company XYZ wanted to advertise, they would then need to provide that ad themselves.

Perhaps someone in the newspaper business can help fill me in. This job is sort of my Ultimate Goal in life; taking pictures for a living that can susatain my wife, my kids, and I, so I don't want to screw up the interview.

He saw my pictures though, and then called me, so that excites me. It's a major newspaper too, with a circulation in hundres of thousands.

Wow I may faint.

I used to be the senior classified-dept. artist in our local paper. I created over 30 ads a week, car-dealerships, real-estate agents and the like. A lot of smaller businesses cannot afford an ad agency, just running an ad in the paper is expensive enough. Most newspapers will have an art department to create ads for local businesses. If I had a nickel for every b&w print of cars/houses I had to scan (this was before digital-cameras), mask (a clipping mask), and drop-in - I'd own a lot more lenses.

Anyway, expect to do some fun(ny) stuff. But have fun.
I shoot advertising photography for the paper I work with. In my case the paper provides the service as part of purchasing the display (not classified) ad. The work covers every thing from location to portrait photography. It is a great opportunity. For me it has led to tons of freelance and also editorial work. Keep in mind that the pay may be small. In my case the paper owns the rights to the photos. You may be able to work some thing out if you are not comfortable with that arrangement.

Love & Bass
Craig, when you say the pay may be small for an advertisement photographer at a newspaper, what is a general range? I love the opportunity, but I don't want to be shorted either!

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