What film do you suggest?


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Apr 1, 2003
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I am a VERY amateur photographer interested in shooting black and white scenic photography in fairly bright light conditions and I have tried quite a few different kinds of film, but I would like to hear others' opinions on what kinds of film they use/suggest.

I wouldn't mind hearing opinions on color films to!

What film type do you use in different kinds of situations?

Thanks for the input!
I like Tri-X (iso 400) by Kodak. When I develop it the results look nice and when I send them to the shop it looks even better. It is really flexible and good for all types of B&W shooting. I wish I could suggest some color film but I never used color film. I cna develop it and I like B&W better anyway.

Ive heard Tri-x was good from some others, i might have to try that myself...hmm..

For an "all purpose" black and white film, I've had great luck with Ilford HP5+. It's iso 400, decent grain, pushes well (I've gone 2 stops without getting unbearable grain and contrast.) and best of all, you can usually find it fairly cheap. It's very similar to Kodak's Tri-X. In fact, either would be fine for you to try. Also, if you process it yourself, it's pretty forgiving of chemistry screw-ups.. I once ran a roll with a 1:8 dilution instead of 1:9, went a minute over on the development, and was a bit on the warm side with my developer temp, and still got very printable negs.
If you want to go with a "modern" emulsion, you might try Agfa's APX-400. I have been getting great deals on 10 packs ( $18 ) through b&h photo.

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