What kind of lens hood do I need?


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Aug 13, 2013
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Hi! New here! I've been trying to figure out what's the best lens hood to get for my Canon 2ti? I want to use it on my 70-300mm f/4-5.6. I'm hoping to get it from Ebay, Amazon or Best Buy. So a link to a specific one at these places would be great! :hug:: Also, a 'why' one is better then the other would be helpful. I've looked at some and most seem inexpensive. But I've seen a few for $40! Not sure if I want to pay that much. So some with different price ranges would be cool. I've done pretty good in photography, contest wise, but struggle with learning the fundamentals and technical stuff of cameras. I'm hoping this forum will give me a big hand.
I've been trying to figure out what's the best lens hood to get for my Canon 2ti?
The camera body has NOTHING to do with the lens hood. Lens hoods are designed specifically for the lens.

I've looked at some and most seem inexpensive. But I've seen a few for $40! Not sure if I want to pay that much.
As long as it says that it is designed specifically for the lens you want to put it on you should be fine.
Ummm, the camera body plays a big part in the lens hood, especially with tele-zooms on APS-C bodies. A lens hood for a 70-300 that will NOT vignette (make dark corners) on an APS-C body will often vignette on a full frame body, when used on the same lens.

For example, I use a Mamiya RB 360mm's rubber screw-in lens hood for my 70-200 lenses. However, when that hood is used on the same 70-200 lenses, it vignettes terribly on my Canon and Nikon FUll-frame bodies....and it vignettes BADLY. Reallllly badly.

We have some sponsoring vendors here on TPF that sell lens hoods, really cheaply. Look for the lens hoods they specify. Those are going to be "proper" for the lens in question. However--when you use a lens on an APS-C body, a large part of the outer image circle is simply NOT seen by the sensor,m so a longer, or smaller-diameter (or combination thereof) lens hood can be used to give extra protection against the sun.

For example, the "proper" lens hood for a 50mm lens on Full frame is rather short; a lens hood specified for an 85mm lens can usually be used when that same 50mm is used on a 1.6x crop body camera; the hood for the 85mm is almost always longer, and will give more real-world sun-shading effect. Buuuut....using the 85mm lens shade on a 50mm lens shot on a FF body will give you black, vignetted edges around the outside of the image...
Yes! The whole 'title' for this lens is EF 70-300mm f/4-5.6 IS USM.

Thanks for doing all that work for me. Really, really appreciate it. Excited to be learning some photography stuff here!
Derrel is right and if you are using a crop sensor and want to get the cheap hoods i got 3 of mine on ebay from hongkong for 3 bucks a piece. There actually pretty well made despite what you would think. Nice hard plastic and fit nice and snug. Work great on my t4i but probably would be garbage on a FF body for vignetting.

thats my wooden nickle worths of comment anyway.
Someone did tell me to go with the round one. NOT the tulip type. Why is this? Just out of curiosity.
The tulip type lens hoods are specifically designed for a specific lens (or a specific field of view). Because the camera records a rectangle, not a square or circle, the hood can be a bit bigger on the top and bottom without getting in the way.

The problem is that will only work if the front of the lens is stationary. With some lenses, the front of the lens will rotate when the lens is focusing...which would mean that the petals wouldn't line up most of the time.
So some lens hoods are just round, which means they are the same, even if the lens rotates.

I don't know about your lens...but you can check just by looking at it while focusing. But even then, I don't think that they make a petal style lens hood, for that (or any) telephoto zoom lenses.
Nikon 70-200/2.8 and 100-400 VR hoods are both petal style hoods. ROUND lens hoods have been made for decades, and are very easy to find, and are low-cost, and can in many cases, be shared among different lenses. Most round hood just thread in to the filter threads on the front of the lens; the majority of petal hoods lock on using lugs that are external, around the outside front of the lens barrel, and as such, have model-specific, and brand-specific "lug patterns". So, a petal hood has to be designed in a fariyl specific size and pattern, or it just will not go on many lenses.

A lot of brick-and-mortar camera stores will have a "junk box" or two, filled with old, screw-in metal, plastic, and rubber lens hoods.
I walked about a half mile yesterday in the woods before pulling my camera up from my shoulder to take a shot............. the lens hood was gone!!! I freaked out, man! Backtracked for about 15 minutes before seeing it just laying there on the ground. I never even heard it fall off!! Then an old guy said don't sweat it, it only gets worse!! LOL!!

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