What kind of photo effects are added in this photo?


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Jan 4, 2013
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So What kind of effects are added in this photo expect the noise and the grain, I cant figure it out :(
Please help me!!!
Thanks in advance!!!

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With the possible exception of digital noise, I don't see anything I'd call an effect. To what in particular to you refer?
VSCO post processing software.
It's conceivable that they've pushed the saturation in the reds a bit? Colors look pretty much straight ahead to me, though.
To me it looks like it was shot on color film.
Tried it, pushed up the red and the saturation but it's not the same, I have seen this photo effect or photoshop action in a lot of pictures. Tried to find it but it's haaard :D
I mean, the colors...

Yep. VSCO. You can achieve that look with it. Another way is to adjust the blue channel in curves and add a low opacity mask over it.
Thanks guys! I am trying to do the VSCO effect because I don't want to buy it for a lot of money.. playing with curves and doing fine :D

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