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what lenses to by with $1000


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Jan 24, 2006
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Baltimore maryland
if you had $1000 (sory for no conversions but i am in a time strap) a flash definityly but what lenses would you get say you were shooting mostly low light sports, but some higher light work
i shoot competitive climbing mostley indoors wich is a nightmaer photgrapicly with dust and bad lighting, but i also shoot a bit out side , and it is mostler low stuf like 85mm is about as much zoom as i want
also just remembered if it is not a nikon dx lense, or a film lense multiply the all lenses by 1.5 so 80mm is actualy 120 becuas i use a d50
Remember that the crop factor does not actually increase your focal length, it only reduces your field of view to be narrower.

It sounds like you want a 70(or 80) to 200 f2.8 constant to me. They're very versatile for the money and work well for sporty type stuff where you aren't too far away.

And who let you loose with $1,000???


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