What th' heck?? Here, client, hold onto this string...

yeah . . . . wow.

i guess i can see the importance of that if you like had a uber crazy setup and needed to do the actual shoot somewhere else . . . in which case i would have my assistant sit and hold the strings.

but i aint usin' no strings
I remember having portraits of me taken at Sears, when I was young. The 'photographer' used string to position me.
A) It's an easy way to position the models, if your lights & camera are basically static...especially if the 'photographer' is just some kid making $4/hr at Sears.
B) It's a good way to help you learn about light and the effects that distance has on lighting.
I've been experimenting with this, but for portrait shots it seems that the results look better when the FOV is deeper. This prevents all kinds of issues with noses or necks being out of focus or if the setup is more than 1 person deep, so that all are in focus.

I find the thought of using strings in an educational manner quite humorous, however I did find myself using a tape measure and relating measurements with certain things like ISO levels and F/stop values for best effects in various setups for single and multiple person layouts using my current multi-flash studio setup.

If someone uses a setup that becomes a standard for them, and they travel or move it around, having those known measurements will assure the potographer of consistantly known good results.

I could see the benefit of a chart layout of various configurations along with measurements all put on paper that is easy to recreate with a minimum of effort made specifically for their setup for different layouts.
Well my first respons to this post (before I read everyone else) was pretty much the same "way to look professional have your client hold a string to his nose" but then I saw the rest of the gear that was used (Olympus) and I realized they guy already has a learning curve he needs all the help he can get.
I am sure that method is practical and works well. Too bad it is very not creative. The results are lack luster and typical. Of course we have to understand lighting ratios. We also have to understand that lighting is our signature. Every client deserves our personal attention.

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