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Jun 13, 2018
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Haven’t been shooting film or buying cameras for a couple of years, what the heck happened to a the price and what happened to all the medium format cameras, the prices have really went up, the days of cheap film cameras might be over!
Everything is going up. Especially "vintage" and specialty items. My Nikon F5 is approaching double what I paid for it. Crazy times.
I know, it's great! I sold a broken Nikon 35ti rangefinder I got for free about 20 years ago for $200........:headbang:
I know, it's great! I sold a broken Nikon 35ti rangefinder I got for free about 20 years ago for $200........:headbang:

How do ya feel when seeking out vinyl? Some of that's getting downright criminal.

Oh for sure, some of the "asking" prices are just stupid. But like Dennis said above I never gave up any of my 4000 or so LP's, turntables, cassette decks (and VHS players/tapes).
Have had a bit of luck finding records at my local thrift shop for $1-2 each. I've even found a few still sealed (some of those go the Bay). Most are classical and jazz (Gene Krupa fan) but have found certain classic rock LP's I did not have including Yes "Drama", Kansas "Song for America" , Billy Joel "Glass Houses".
Also have bought for a buck each, around 20 near mint Frank Sinatra LP's.
I can't forget the "fun" LP's I find for $1, like "Railroad Sounds" (steam and diesel), "Sounds of the Indy 500". Test LP's called "Recorded with 35mm tape in stereo"......LOL
It really depends on what remains of the film ecosystem locally. Not much possible to alter steady price hikes in film materials but—short of survivalist home processing strategies—there usually isn’t sufficient demand to reanimate dead labs. It really is a residual market that no amount of magical thinking about a film “revival” will alter.
I cannot say I can tell the difference in vinyl of any other medium, my hearing fidelity and I parted years ago.

I just know I have a very large collection of 1960's folk groups that I enjoy and see no reason to replace them with reproductions in a different format.

My problem with film cameras, is my favorite is a TLR in 127 format that I used to take "super-slides" when on vacation. Fortunately 35 mm is still available.
It is a fad.
Despite growing up in the digital age, my niece wants a FILM P&S camera.

As for price. It will also depend on the film format.
If the camera is for film that is no longer made, it will still be cheap.
70mm Hasselblad backs used to be cheap, because the 70mm film with the required sprocket holes, is no longer made.
220 backs were cheap, because there were very few 220 film left.
127, 126, 110, 620, etc. etc.

Because I already have the cameras and enjoy tinkering with things past. I have used a cigar cutter (as shown on YouTube) to shorten the width of a 120 format film to use in my 127 format Twin Lens Reflex, and I have used 120 film in my moms 1940 Agfa-Ansco 116 format box camera, using black pasteboard to mask the film plane and washes on the spools. They worked fine, but it was a lot of work, just to need my tinkering addiction.

Yes it can be done but if I were starting someone off, I would get a 35mm SLR. It is similar to any DSRL they my get or already have. Many SLRs have through the lens metering and there are plenty on the used market.

A point and shoot can be found in both 35mm and 120 format. Most will most fall into two camps; a true non-adjustable point and shoot, like one of the old Kodak brownies or a point and shoot with speed and aperture adjustments which require a light meter.

Finally, if it is only a fad, I would go with a simple point and shoot garage sale special. If the film bug bites her, she can always move up.

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