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Jul 14, 2005
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In a black hole
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Another desert shot...with clouds. I can only come up with so many titles for these types of shots :confused:

How about- Another desert shot...with clouds!

Great photo by the way.
how about summin like 'transforming skies/clouds' would kind of suit this one cuz of the wierd shape..... but there must come a time when you literally have used every combination!........ still, dont let that put you off i'd rather see an 'untitled' than not see any at all........ this one is cool btw :thumbup:
Excellent! Love that weird looking cloud! Again, nice tones! :mrgreen:
another great capture woods, love the low clouds in the mountain tops and that unique formation... :thumbup:
There's something really compelling about the cloud formations in that one. Like it a lot. Whatever the title.
Man... I see your shots and miss the big open spaces with clean air. Tried to get some cloud/landscape shots this weekend but was all crap due to pollution =( I hate orange county.
Oh! That's C-O-O-L!

Looks like the clouds/mist in Prince of Egypt coming down ...

Nice capture!
How you get clouds to do that again? Or... what kind of machine is that?

Awesome capture ! I can stare at it for hours if I had the time. Looks like Angel hair or the tip of a God's beard. It's just a great shot and that section of the clouds really give the image a good punch.

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