What would be a decent, cheap, used, film SLR to get?


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Oct 20, 2005
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I've only ever shot digital and feel like experimenting with a few rolls of B&W film just for the heck of it. I also need something to keep me busy while I send my DSLR into Nikon for service because it's shutter is starting to stick!

I was looking at a used camera web site, but I have no clue what film SLR body would make a good choice. I'd like to try to find one with a lens for $150 or less. I don't care about anything high end, a cheap lens will do, this is just a toy to play with.

I live in Japan. There is a good chain of camera stores here which sell used and have their inventory on-line, so if anyone could recommend a film SLR model that can be found used for cheap and get the job the done, I'd be more than happy because then I can just search for that model on the Japanese web site.

I'm partial to Nikon, but none of my Nikon lenses will work on film cameras (they are all for APC size sensors), so I'm not necessarily bound to Nikon.

I don't plan on developing my own film, I'll take it to a local camera shop which seems to do a decent job of my digital prints (hopefully they do film OK too.)

I'd honestly invest a little in a decent film camera if I had any faith that film wasn't rapidly on it's way out :-\
Ian's right, the whole thing has balanced off now, and film is here to stay! I've got an Eos 30 and I love it, if you don't wanna stick to Nikon.
Stick with nikon as you already have Nikon. Your current lenses might not be usable with a film Nikon but sticking with Nikon will open the door to future purchases that can be used on either DSLR or Film SLR.

If you really want to be amazed by B&W film, you should consider medium format instead.
I say stick with Nikon, since some of your lenses might be compatable with a Nikon film camera. If you don't want to stick with Nikon get a Pentax K1000, it's one of the best film camera's around.
Whats your budget?

I don't know much about nikon film bodies but I know you can get Canon Eos 3 bodies on ebay for 200$. Two years ago you would have paid 600$ for the same body.

It's a fantastic pro level film body for a great price.
Also, do you want an autofocus or manual camera? Personally, I have an FE because I like the whole manual focus experience. I save the buttons/dials for the d70.

I also have a Pentax K1000 that's very easy (and fun) to use. They usually go for $40-60 with the standard 50mm f/1.7(?) lens.
i picked up a Nikon fg on ebay for 40 bucks a few weeks back it was 50 bucks shipped. takes great pictures. I wanted a manual camera and thats what i got. keep an eye out on craigslist because i found a nikon n80 on there last week for 25 bucks and it was in mint shape. i prefer the manual for using film my dslr does all the auto stuff.

edit i left out shipped in my first sentence and it made me sound like an idiot haha

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